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In general there are two categories of ultrasonic applications i.e.


  1. Low Intensity Application 

  2. High Intensity Application


In low intensity application, one uses information carried by ultrasonic waves after propagating through a medium or material or after interaction with an object. This low power ultrasonic wave does not influence the medium, material, or object.

Depending on the objective of the application and what kind of information used this low intensity application can be subdivided in three types of applications i.e.


  1. Ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

  2. Ultrasonic Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

  3. Ultrasonic Instrumentation


In high intensity application, one uses the energy of ultrasonic wave for influencing the medium or material. This is called macrosonics and one can categorizes this application as material processing with ultrasonic. The applied medium or material can be gases, liquids or solids. There are many applications that use this acoustic energy, among other are :


  1. Ultrasonic Cleaning

  2. Ultrasonic Welding/Soldering

  3. Ultrasonic Drilling/Boring/Cutting

  4. Ultrasonic Atomization

  5. Ultrasonic Agglomeration/Precipitation

  6. Ultrasonic Emulsification

  7. Ultrasonic Degassing

  8. Ultrasonic Drying

  9. Sonochemistry

These four ultrasonic types applications have found many application in various engineering fields as shown below.


Types and engineering fields of ultrasonic application

Objective and method of these four types of application are shown at table below




















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