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General Ultrasonic System

Generally an ultrasonic system consists of an ultrasonic transducers or a pair of ultrasonic transducers and several units as shown below :



Figure 1. Block diagram of general ultrasonic system

The principle operations of this system are :

  1. Transmitter unit  transmits a repetitive high voltage electric pulse signals.

  2. Transmitter transducer T receives the high voltage pulse electric signal, converts to ultrasonic waves and radiates it into the medium.

  3. Receiver transducer receives the transmitted, reflected, diffracted, refracted or scattered waves and converts it back to electric pulse signals.

  4. Receiver unit amplifies and filters the electric pulse signals.

  5. Measuring unit  measures the arrival times and amplitudes of the signals.

  6. Analyzer unit calculates the speed of sound and the coefficient of attenuation.

  7. Processing unit processes further  the signals for advanced applications    such as time of flight diffraction (TOFD), split spectrum processing (SSP), ultrasonic tomography and ultrasonic spectroscopy.

  8. Display unit shows the objective parameter of the application.

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