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June 23, 2008

HP Technology for Teaching Award

Posted in: Researches

Engineering Physics Department has received the HP Technology for Teaching Award 2008. The proposed project is “Integrating HP Mobile Computing Technology for Mixed Energy Instrumentation and Control”. This is a kind of multidisciplinary project that has being a hot topic for many of EP lectures for a long time, yet it remains a dream up until now. Thanks to the grant, it will be realized soon.

The HP grant consists of :

  • 1 package of notebook for the lecturer
  • 20 packages of table PC for the students
  • 1 wide laser printer
  • $20.000 cash

The grant will be used for the mixed energy setup as follow:

  • Two set of photo voltaic (PV) arrays has been setup at the Labtek VI building. The HP tablet PCs are used as mobile instrumentation kit to measure the sun’s radiation and the DC electricity produced by the PVs, then the measurement results are sent to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) server via the wireless network.
  • The DC electricity is converted into AC electricity and transmitted to the multimedia laboratory, where it is mixed with the main line electricity to power the lighting in the lab. A smart control system manages the lighting to use the energy as efficient as possible. This process is also monitored by the SCADA server.
  • Using the HP tablet PCs, anywhere in the campus network, students and lecturers can connect to the SCADA server and experience the process of energy monitoring and management.

To utilize this setup for the students course, a special laboratory experiment will be created as part of the TF-3206 Engineering Lab IV.

The call for proposal was brought into the attention by Mr. Aman Mustovan, then Estiyanti Ekawati and Eko M. Budi wrote the winning proposal. The key persons of the project are :

  • Eko M. Budi : Principal Investigator
  • Aman Mustovan : Photovoltaic expert
  • Edi Leksono : Energy expert
  • Joko Sarwono : Acoustic & Lighting expert
  • Wisnu Hendrajit : Air Conditioning expert
  • Estiyanti Ekawati : Instrumentation expert

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