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June 23, 2008

jBatik Goes Beta

Posted in: Open Source, Researches

jBatik is the software for creating batik Fractal. After 3 months of development, It is ready for beta testing.

Screen shot of jBatik version 0.3

So, what can this software do ? Well, in one sentence, it helps Batik designers for drawing the Batik’s motif using Fractal methods. The uniqueness that set this program from ordinary fractal image editor is that it uses the traditional Indonesian Batik methapores such as: kain, canting, kelir, isen, corak and so on. Thus, the designers can fell at home when designing using jBatik, as follows:

  • A batik consists of a kain. The designed may specify the kain dimension and background;
  • A kain may include many Gambars. A gambar is an unit of drawing, that can be put on the kain at specific location and direction. For example, you may have three gambars of flower, buterfly, and bee.
  • In jBatik, a kain consists of a corak, which is a unique drawing. Here is the tricks. You may have many gambars with the same corak, called a ripit (obviously, this is the javanese prononciation of repeat :). For example, the screen shot shows 4 gambars, with only one corak of bamboo.
  • So, corak is the most important things here. Some people called it motif. It is the one that should be designed by the Batik designer. In jBatik, this is done by using fractal. The current jBatik support L-System fractal. Future version will incorporate many more such as cellular automata, Mandelbrot, etc.
  • For the perfection, jBatik uses two set of palletes for drawing the coraks, called Kelir (set of colors) and Isen (set of filling).

So that’s it. My little open source program for the Indonesian digital arts. Hopefully, Malaysian won’t sue me for paten infrigement :P

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