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June 23, 2008

DForge Won the Telkom Ristek Award

Posted in: Open Source, Researches

In August 2007, Eko M. Budi, Eko Nurdiyanto, and Akmal Hamdani submitted their little program called DForge to the Ristek Telkom Award competition. They won the second prize, and some live changing moments.

DForge is a software for building/remastering a custom Linux distro. The core engine was built by Eko M. Budi when he was the chief developer of Vector Linux. It consists of several BASH scripts only hackers know how to use it. So came Eko Nurdiyanto and Akmal Hamdani who make a user friendly web based interface for the scripts.

I’m not going into geek stuff here, so let’s talk about the funny stories:

  • DForge web was the final project of Eko Nurdiyanto at UNIKOM. Due to this winning, he graduated easily, get a big photograph on the front page of the graduation book, and put on the university’s brochure for the new students campaign.
  • Eko Nurdiyanto was going to marry around that date with a Subang girl (FYI, Subang is a down town about 50 km of Bandung). Their honey moon was more colorful by receiving the award. More after, his parents in law allowing him to stay hacking at Bandung, instead of becoming a gold merchant at Subang.
  • Ahmad Hamdani took the award as calm as he usually does. Eko wrote his winner’s profille as short as possible, “Akmal Hamdani is an introvert. No wonder not much can be told about him”.
  • The award introduced Eko & Eko to the ministry of Research & Technology. On September, they asked to build the IGOS Center Bandung, which was promptly done on November 14, 2007.

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