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June 23, 2008

Failed with the Kiss

Posted in: Researches

Since 2005, each year I wrote research proposal for ITB. While I’m more than confident that I’m a good researcher, I failed for all the times. Here are the shameless track records …

  • 2005 : Development of Linux Distro for Education
  • 2006 : Development of Fuzzy MIMO Control System for Asphalt Drum Filling
  • 2007 : Internet Site for Research and Industrial Collaboration
  • 2007 : Development of E-Learning Content for Fundamental Programming Course (TF-1101)
  • 2007 : Development of E-Learning Content for Object Oriented Programming Course (TF-1201)

I admitted the proposal were a kind of KISS (keep it simple and stupid). Apparently, ITB likes a sophisticated topics.

So … is there anybody want to give me advices ? Keep trying, fail is the beginning of success, …., I’m listening :(

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