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November 17, 2008

JBatik won INAICTA 2008

Posted in: Events, Open Source

It’s 08-08-08 (August 08, 2008). A very lucky number according to Chinese, and I can’t agree more. Yeah, JBatik received INAICTA (Indonesian Information & Communication Award) 2008 !!!

The luck has been started when I submitted JBatik to the online registration site, cause it was registered as contestant number 366 (my lucky number). Then after waiting for about 1 month, we received the good news that Jbatik was the 8th short listed candidate (8 is a lucky number).

We presented Jbatik to the judges in 25 July 2008 at Hotel Ambhara Jakarta. Luki played a movie, showing the Batik Fractal making process using JBatik. Eko then presented the technical programming aspect of Jbatik. Lastly, Nancy showed the product, the fine Batik clothes. The judge were impressed, saying this was the most balanced product on technical, usage as well as business aspects. In the end, one of the judge asked, “Batik fractal has received many acknowledgments, do you need the other one ?”. Nancy cunningly answered, “The software has not yet :D”.

In August 8 morning til afternoon, the Batik Fractal was on the center stage in RITECH EXPO Award at MGK Kemayoran. Luki and Nancy were quite exhausted, so they let me went to the INAICTA ceremony alone in the evening. Due to traffic jam, I came at 8 PM to the place, 1 hour late from the invitation mark. My numbered seat has been occupied, and the only one left was among the judges. I sat among them, but they did not give any clue about my destiny tonight. Luckily, the dinner started sooner so I could had friendly conversation with them. Then, the main … waited … program begun. One by one the winners were announced, but JBatik was not called by the MC, until the end. The ministry of Information & Communication Department was up to the stage, congratulated and gave the trophies to the proud winners. The lights were sparkling, the cameras were flashing. Very touchy, though of course it was a bit sad moment for me, just sitting and clapping for them. Then the MC shamely announced “We were sorry, there is one winner left out. Please come JBatik, the winner of culture and tourism …”. Damn MC, somebody could had been heart attacked !!!

So yeah, now I believe, 8 is a lucky number. Would you ?

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