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December 30, 2008

Eco-Friendly Hot-Spot

Posted in: Academics, Researches

Engineering Physics ITB aims to build an eco-friendly hot-spot, obviously nicknamed eco-spot..
The project is part of the HP Technology for Teaching Award. The eco-spot is powered by solar cell to provides the wireless network and electicity for 6 - 8 laptops.

Eco-spot, view from the North side.

Eco-spot, view from north side.

Eco-Spot, inside view.

Eco-Spot, inside view.

The spot has been designed by BXI as shown in the graphics above. It will be located at the second floor of Labtek VI Building, Ganesha Campus of ITB. The civil work is expected to be finished on the first week of January 2009. It will be followed by the electrical and instrumentation work, comencing on mid January.

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