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December 30, 2008

Red or Blue ?

Posted in: Out of control

Men never grow up. At last, they always like to play. So here it is, my recent toy, the LEGO Mindstorm NXT :D
For the first, original, quite complicated project, the mission is to separate the blue balls and red balls.

Red and Blue Separator Robot

Red and Blue Separator Robot

The robot job is simple. It should lift the balls to the basket, then separate the balls in the basket according to their color. The red balls go to the left, and the blue ball go to the right. The balls rool back to the lifting point, thus the process is repeated continuosly.

The active part of the robot are :

  • An ultrasonic sensor to detect the presence of a ball on the lifter.
  • A lifter that lift the ball to the basket.
  • A light sensor that is able to distinguish the red color from the blue color.
  • A separator hand to push the balll to the right direction.

The robot was built by the help of Dian, an Engineering Physics ITB student. It has been perforing on several occasions including Ritech Expo 2008, Robot trainig at Al Irysad Islamic School, and Robot days at Ibnu Sina School.


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