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May 31, 2008

Fractal Batik

Posted in: Open Source, Researches

Fractal is a mathematical way to generate amazing pictures from simple rules, beating more than averages human artists. When fractal is used as motif in Batik (Indonesian traditional garment) the result is just astounding (and expensive too of course).

Batik Fractal Buketan Design
Batik Fractal, Buketan Design

The idea was brought by the Pixel People Project. They designed the motif by using a fractal software, then sent it to the batik craftsman, known as Komar, who produced the batik using the traditional tools (canting, malam, dye, etc.). Their innovation got instant recognitions, i.e. the ministry of Research & Technology kindly sponsored the innovation. However, they also received some critiques that the motif is out of pakem (the proper way). In my opinion though, this is the modern way of Batik. It just great. I saw the Batiks at their exhibition, all were the high class batik I cannot afford (Lucky me, Komar said he will send a gift for me).

So where is my lines in this story ? Well, I’m the one that developed the Batik Fractal Software, known as iBatik. You may try the light weight Applet from the People Pixel Project web site. The complete program is still in alpha stage, so it is not released yet. Stay tuned.

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