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July 17, 2008


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Curriculum Vitae

Name            : R.M. Soegijanto, Prof. DR.

Date of Birth  : March 5th, 1938.

Office Address

Program Study of Physics Engineering

Faculty of Industrial Technology

Bandung Institute Technology - Indonesia

Jl.Ganesha No.10 Bandung - 40132

Phone  : 62-22-250-4424

Fax     : 62-22-250-6281

E-Mail  :

Home Address

Jl. Cimanuk No.9 Bandung - 40115, Indonesia

Phone           : 62-22-423-2116

Mobile Phone  : 62-815-60-37359

Formal Education & Training

1956             : Graduated from High School

1956 - 1961   : Engineer Degree (5 years programme)

1961 - 1962   : Purdue University, U.S.A.

(Non-Degree Graduated Programme in Physics & Electrical Engineering)

1970 (one academic year)    : University of New South Wales, Australia.

(Courses in Building Acoustics)

1975 (one semester)           : Visiting researcher Delft Technical University, Netherland.

(Research Cooperation in Building Physics)

1982             : Doctoral Degree in Building Physics.

(ITB Post Graduate Programme)

1989 (March) : Visiting researcher University of Kyushu, Japan.

(Research cooperation in Daylighting)

1989 (Sept.)  : Applied Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley.

(Joint research in Asean-US Project on Building Energy Conservation)

Academic Carrier & Position

1961 - present         : Academic staff of Program Study of Physics Engineering ITB

1961                      : Junior lecturer

1966                      : Lecturer

1977                      : Senior lecturer

1989 - present         : Professor

1968 - 1970             : Head of Engineering Physics Department

1973 - 1977             : Head of Engineering Physics Department

1974 - 1977             : Principle researcher of Research Cooperation Programme ITB-Delft

Technical University, Netherland on Building Physics

1977 - 2003             : Head of Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory

Department of Physics Engineering ITB

1985 - 1988             : Vice Dean of Academic Affairs of Faculty of Industrial Technology


1985 - 1990             : Principles researcher of joint research  in the frame work of

Asean-US Project on Building Energy Conservation, supervised by

Applied Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.C.

Berkeley, U.S.A.

1992 (April)             : External Master Theses Examiner in Faculty of Electrical

Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, in the field of Acoustics

for Ngasri bin Demon

2004 (Nopember)      : External Ph.D. Theses Examiner in Faculty of Electrical

Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, for Mokhtar bin Harun

(Speech Intelligibility Evaluation & Frequency Dependent Prediction

Model in Room with Dome)

2004 - present         : Dosen Luar Biasa dengan status Guru Besar di ITB

Teaching Experience

Department of Engineering Physics:

  • Elementary Physics
  • Electromagnetic Field
  • Fundamental of Acoustics
  • Building Physics (Acoustics, Lighting, & Thermal Engineering for Built Environment)
  • Building Acoustics
  • Noise control
  • Theses Supervisor for S1 (Bachelor Programme), S2 (Magister Programme), S3 (Doctoral Programme) in the field of Acoustics, Lighting, & Thermal Engineering for Built Environment.

Department of Architecture:

  • Building Physics

Department of Interior Design:

  • Building Physics

Department of Environmental Engineering:

  • Environtmental Physics
  • Noise control

Research Report

1.      Soegijanto,Soelami, Triyogo. Study on Acoustical Performance of Indonesian Mosques. Research sponsored by Directorote General of Higher Education - Penelitian Hibah Bersaing IX. 1-3. 2001 - 2003.

2.      Soegijanto, Soelami, Triyogo. Noise Control inside Rail Car. Research sponsored by PT. Inka (The Indonesia Railcar Industry). 2001.

3.      Soegijanto, Soelami, Triyogo. Building Envelope Design with Regard to Energy  Conservation & Indoor Thermal & Visual Comfort in Humid Tropic. Research sponsored by Indonesian National Reseach Council. 1998.

4. Soegijanto, A. Putra, Soelami. Building Energy Simulation in Real Buildings using

5.      BUNYIP. Sponsored by Asean-Australia Economic Cooperation Program / Energy Project Phase II. 1994.

6.      Soegijanto, A. Putra, Soelami. Development of Energy Simulation Methods for Energy Conservation in Office Building. Sponsored by Building Research Institute, Department of Public Work. 1994.

7.      Soegijanto, A. Putra, Soelami. Development of Energy Audit Methods for Energy Conservation in Office Buildings. Sponsored by Building Research Institute, Department of Public Works. 1993.

8.      Soegijanto, Triyogo, A. Putra, Merthayasa. Solar Radiation & Weather Data for Indonesia, Asean-USAID Project on Energy Conservation in Building. Final Report, Volume II, Technology. Asean-Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. 1992.

9.      Soegijanto, A.Putra, Sunarko, Amoranto. The Effect of Industrial Noise on Working Environment. Sponsored by Directorate General of Higher Education - World Bank Sector Loan. 1991.

10.  Deringer, Busch, Soegijanto. Building Energy Standard for Indonesia. Policy Analysis Process, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratoty - Interim Report, U.C. Berkeley. 1989.

11.  Soegijanto, A. Putra, Amoranto, Merthayasa. Thermal Performance of Telephone Cable House. Sponsored by Telecomunication Reseacrh & Development Center. 1988.

12.  Soegijanto. Determination of Sound Power Level of Industrial Complex. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1986.

13.  Soegijanto. Daylighting on Large Building. Sponsored by ITB Research Center, 1985.

14.  Soegijanto. Natural Ventilation on Multi-Storey Buildings. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1984.

15.  Soegijanto. Building Material Aspect for Thermal Performance of Low-Cost Houses in Humid Tropic. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1983.

16.  Soegijanto. A Study on Impact of Traffic Noise to surrounding of Primary Road. Sponsored by Road. Research Institute of Department of Public Work.

17.  Soegijanto. The Relationship Between Global Solar Intensity & Quantity of Sun Light on The Earth Surface in Bandung. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1983.

18.  Soegijanto. Traffic Noise Measurement. Sponsored by Road Research Institute, Department of Public Work. 1982.

19.  Soegijanto, Solar Energy received by Building Surfaces In Jakarta and Bandung. Sponsored by ITB Reseach Center. 1981.

20.  Soegijanto. Daylighting Utilization in Building. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1979.

21.  Soegijanto. Measurement of Sound Absorption Coefficient of Building Materials in Reverberation Chamber. Sponsored by  Building Research Institute, Department of Public Work. 1977.

22.  Soegijanto. Study on Natural Ventilation in Building Using Model in Low Speed Wind Tunnel. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1976.

23.  Soegijanto. Measurement of Acoustics & Thermal Characteristics of Building Materials. Sponsored by ITB Research Center. 1974.

Published Book

Soegijanto. Bangunan di Indonesia dengan Iklim Tropis Lembab Ditinjau dari Aspek Fisika Bangunan (Buildings Physics Aspect of Building in Humid Tropic of Indonesia). Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministery of National Education. 1999.

Seminar Papers

1.      Soegijanto. The Availability of Climatic Data for Sustainable Building Design in Indonesia. Proceedings The 6th International Seminar on Sustainable Environment & Architecture (SENVAR 6). Bandung - Indonesia, 19 - 20 September 2005.

2.      Soegijanto, F.X. Nugroho Soelami, Tata Yohana. Study on Thermal Comfort in Istiqlal Mosque. Proceedings The 5th International Seminar on Sustainable Environmental & Architecture (SENVAR 5). Skudai, Johor Baru - Malaysia, 10th - 12th December 2004.

3.      Soegijanto, F.X. Nugroho Soelami, Triyogo. The Daylighting Potential of Reducing Building Energy Consumption. Proceedings International Seminar on Sustainable Environmental & Architecture 4 (SENVAR 4). Jakarta - Indonesia, October 15th, 2003.

4.      Soegijanto, F. Nurhidayat, Triyogo. Assessment & Improvement on Acoustics of ITB-Salman-Mosque Employing Impulse Response Measurement & Simulation. Proceedings 2nd Kentingan Physics Forum, International Conference on Applied Physics & Environmental Aspects. Solo - Indonesia, July 28th, 2003.

5.      Soelami, Soegijanto, Firdaus, Yudi Diputra. Calculation Sound Transmission Loss of Homogeneous & Non-Homogeneous Panels by Using Statistical Energy Analysis Method. Proceedings 2nd Kentingan Physics Forum, International Conference on Applied Physics & Environmental Aspects. Solo - Indonesia, July 2003.

6.      Soegijanto. Light Intensity Distribution of Public Road Lighting Luminer. Seminar on Public Road Lighting at DKI-Jakarta Province. April 2003.

7.      Soegijanto. The Effect of Building Envelope on Building Energy Consumption. Energy Conservation Architecture Seminar, Petra Christian University. Surabaya, 23 November 2002.

8.      Soegijanto, Henrisa. The Effect of Ceiling Shape on Acoustics of Indonesian Mosques.  Forum Acousticum 2002. Sevilla - Spain, 16 - 20 September 2002.

9.      Soegijanto. Acoustical Performance of Indonesian Mosque. 17th International Congress on Acoustics. Rome - Italy, September 2nd - 7th, 2001.

10.  Soegijanto. The Effect of Environmental Noise on Work Performance. National Ergonomics Seminar. Surabaya, September 2000.

11.  Soegijanto. The Development & Implementation of Building Standard for Indonesia. Proceeding of Regional Seminar on Energy Efficiency Standard for Commercial Building in Asia & Related Legislation, U.N. Economic & Sosial Commision for Asia & Pacific. Bangkok, November 1996.

12.  Soelami, Soegijanto, Rustriwidodo. Intensity Methods as Alternate for Sound Absorbtion Coefficient Measurement. PPI (Scientific Presentation & Publication), KIM (Calibration, Instrumentation, Measurement), LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Science). Jakarta, 1995.

13.  Soegijanto, Soelami. Thermal Performance of Low Cost House in Warm Humid Climate. Proceeding Asia Pacific Conference on Built Environment. Singapore, June 1995.

14.  Soelami, Soegijanto. Building Energy Simulation for Real Building Using BUNYIP. Proceedings Asia Pacific Conference in Built Environment. Singapore, June 1995.

15.  Soegijanto, Triyogo. The Feasibility of Thermal Energy Storage Utilization in VAC Instalation in Indonesia. Workshop on Appropriate Technology for Indonesia Development, P3FT, LIPI. 1995.

16.  Soegijanto. The Effect of Dimming on Luminous Efficacy & Colour Temperature of Lamp. Proceeding Asia Energy Efficiency ‘94 Coference. Singapore, September 1994.

17.  Hartanto, Putra, Soegijanto. Valve Aerodynamic Noise Analysis Based on Noise Prediction Equation & Sound Intensity Measurement Method. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1993.

18.  Lutfiantoro, Soegijanto, Putra. Design & Construction of Mini Noise Test Chamber. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1993.

19.  Soeharto, Soegijanto. Determination of Sound Transmission Loss of Reactive Muffler Using Finite Elemen Methods. Proceedings KIM, LIPI. 1992.

20.  Sapto, Soegijanto, Triyogo, Setiodewati. Flux Luminous & Colour Temperature Variation  Due to Voltage Fluctuation. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1992.

21.  Raini, Soegijanto, Putra. Noise Mapping Around Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1991.

22.  Soegijanto. Traffic Noise Polution on Some Streets in Bandung. Proceedings 3rd Pasca Sarjana Workshop -The Performance & Impact of Highways in Indonesia, Program Studi Sisitem & Teknik Jalan Raya ITB. 1991.

23.  Soegijanto. Overall Thermal Transfer Value as Building Energy Conservation Indicator. Proceedings Seminar Peran Perpindahan Panas & Massa, PAU Ilmu Teknik, UGM. Yogyakarta, 1989.

24.  Soegijanto, Triyogo. Reverberation Time Measurement Using Integrating Impuls Methods. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1989.

25.  Soegijanto. The Determination of Solar Radiation Absorbtion Coefficient from Sol-Air Temperature Measurement. Proceedings Seminar Perpindahan Panas & Massa, PAU-UGM. Yogyakarta, 1988.

26.  Soegijanto. Review on Some Studies on Environmental Noise in Building Physics Group, Department of Engineering Physics ITB. Proceedings of The 1st Indonesia-Japan Joint Meeting on Acoustics & Microwave. Bandung, 1988.

27.  Soegijanto. Daylighting Contribution on Energy Saving. Proceedings ASEAN Conference on Energy Conservation. Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1985.

28.  Soegijanto. Energy Conservation in Buildings. Program & Implementation for Indonesia, ASEAN Conference on Energy Conservation in Buildings. Singapore 1984.

29.  Soegijanto. Noise Reduction Using Barrier. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1984.

30.  Soegijanto. Design & Construction of Integrated Sphere for Measuring Lamp Luminous Flux Output. Proceedings PPI, KIM, LIPI. 1984.

31.  Soegijanto. Traffic Noise Measurement in City of Bandung, Indonesia. Proceeding of The 2nd International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering. Tokyo - Japan, 1983.

Paper Reviewer

For a paper submitted to Journal Acoustical Society of America. Requested by DR. Mendel Kleiner, Department of Applied Acoustcs, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-41296 Gothenberg, Sweden, as associate editor for Architectural Acoustics. February 2002.

Professional Experience

1.      Acoustic Design Multi-Function Hall & Chappel of  El-Shaddai, International School, Jakarta (on going).

2.      Acoustic Design Multi-Function Hall West Car Park, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta (2008).

3.      Acoustic Design EX Atrium (2007).

4.      Acoustic Design FX Sudirman Atrium (2007).

5.      Acoustic Design of SCTV Studios - SCTV Relocation Project (LAPI ITB - Team Design 2007).

6.      Building Physics Design (Acoustics, Daylighting, Ventilation) of Theater Salihara (Komunitas Utan Kayu), Jakarta (2007 - 2008).

7.      Acoustic Test of Apartment Floor, Plaza Indonesia Extension Project, 2007.

8.      Vibration Measurement & Control Recommendation, Loandry Machines, P.T. Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk, 2007.

9.      Noise & Vibration Control at Genset Room, Jakarta City Tower (2007).

10.  Building Physics Design of Masjid Sumatera Barat ( Acoustics, Daylighting, Ventilation), 2007.

11.  Noise Control Design at Café of Le Grandeur Hotel, Balikpapan (2006).

12.  Acoustic Design & Supervision H. Usmar Ismail Hall, 2006 (see Kompas, 6th Juni 2006, Menikmati Bunyi Asli di Usmar Ismail Hall).

13.  Noise Control Design of Cooling Tower, ITC Kuningan, Jakarta (2005).

14.  Acoustics, Lighting, Air-Conditiong Recommendation for Auditorium & Multipurpose Hall, Widyamandala University, Bandung (2005).

15.  Acoustics & Lighting Recommendation for Multipurpose Hall Politeknik Batam (LAPI-ITB Team Design), 2005.

16.  Thermal Insulation & Mechanical Ventilation Design, PT. Pos Indonesia (Pesero). Building GPI Blok F. Jakarta (2004).

17.  Train Noise Control Study & Recommendation, Sentosa International Hospital. Bandung (2004).

18.  Acoustics & Sound System Design of Gereja HKBP Medan (2004).

19.  Acoustics & Lighting Recommendation for Multipurpose Hall & Sport Hall, Sekolah Global Jaya, Jakarta (PT. Arkonin) 2004.

20.  Acoustics Design Masjid Pertamina Prabumulih, 2004 (Team Design Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory).

21.  Acoustics & Lighting Design Masjid Raya Makassar, 2004 (Team Design Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory - PT. Bukaka).

22.  Acoustics Design Masjid Semen Padang, 2004 (Team Design Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory).

23.  Noise Survey & Noise Control Recommendation Proyek Danau Bogor (Team Design Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory) 2003.

24.  Silencer Design, Refinery Plant Pertamina, Balongan, West Java, 2002 (Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory)

25.  Noise Measurement, Evaluation, & Design of Noise Control Measure, LPG Plant, Pertamina, Mundu, West Java, 2001 (Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory).

26.  Jakarta Lighting Master Plan Design, DKI Jakarta, 2001 (HTII - Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia - Team Design).

27.  Acoustic Design of Protestant Church - Gereja Kristen Ketapang, Jakarta, 2000 (GKK  Design Team).

28.  To Prepare Guidance for Lighting of Exterior of High Rise Building & Important Facilities, Dinas Penerangan Jalan Umum, DKI, 1998.

29.  Noise & Vibration Evaluation & Design Control Measure VAC Installation - Chiller & AHU, PT. Caltex Pacific Building, 1997 (PT. Metakom Pratama - ME Consultant).

30.  Noise & Vibration Evaluation & Design Control Measure, Cooling Tower. Jakarta Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta 1997 (PT. Arnan Pratama - ME Consultant).

31.  Exterior and Special Lighting Design,Departemen Perhubungan Office Building Project, Jakarta 1997 (PT. Arkonsult - ME Consultant).

32.  Acoustic Design - Renovation of Protestant Church, Pondok Indah, Jakarta (PT. Han Awal Architectural Consultant) 1996.

33.  Acoustic Design - DKI Sport Hall (Gedung Senam), JL.Raden Inten, Jakarta Timur (PT. Bumi Perkasa Propertindo, Developer) 1996.

34.  Noise Control Design - Chiller Room, BII Plaza, Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta (PT. Arnan Pratama - ME Consultant) 1996.

35.  Acoustics, Daylighting, Ventilation Design - Multipurpose Auditorium of Gedung Wanita DKI Jakarta (PT.Arkonin - Architectural Consultant) 1996.

36.  Fan Noise Control & Glazing for Traffic Noise Reduction Design, Citraland Regency Apartmet, Jakarta (PT. Arkonin - Architectural Consultant) 1996.

37.  Acoustic Design of Mosque STPDN Jatinangor, Bandung (PT. Arkonin - Architectural Consultant) 1996.

38.  Acoustic, Noise Control, Sound System Evaluation & Design of Multipurpose Hall Science, Technology and Art Center (Sasana Budaya Ganesha - Sabuga) ITB, Bandung, 1995 - 1996 (ITB Team Design).

39.  Exterior & Special Lighting Design, Adhi Graha Office Building, Jakarta 1995 (PT. Arkonsult - ME Consultant).

40.  Noise Control, Evaluation & Design - Ciputra Hotel Semarang, 1995 (PT.Arkonin - Architectural Consultant).

41.  Noise Control Design of Pump Gas Station, Bumi Serpong Damai, 1995 (LAPI-ITB).

42.  Lighting Evaluation & Design of Sport Facilities, Labak Siliwangi ITB (P2T-ITB).

43.  Acoustics & Noise Control Design - Sheraton Mustika Prince Hotel, Yogyakarta, 1994 (PT. Atelier 6 - ME & Architectural Consultant).

44.  Acoustics & Noise Control Design, Casablanca Hotel & Apartment, Jakarta 1994 (PT. Starco Graha, Architectural Consultant).

45.  Acoustics & Noise Control Evaluation & Design, Catholic & Protestant Churches. PT. Badak NGL Co, Bontang, Kalimantan Timur, 1994 ( LAPI-ITB).

46.  Noise Control Design - Jakarta Stock Excange Building, Jakarta, 1993 (PT. LAPI Ganesha Tama).

47.  Acoustics & Sound System Evaluation & Design-Hall A,B,S, Site and Multipurpose Hall, Arena Pekan Raya, Jakarta, 1992 (Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory, TF-ITB).

48.  Acoustic Design - Renovation of Multipurpose Hall (Gedung Satrio) & Large Lecture Hall (Gedung Gatot Subroto), Seskoad, Bandung, 1992 (Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory, TF-ITB).

49.  Acoustic Design - Renovation of Bank Indonesai Auditorium, Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta, 1992 (PT. Humar - Architectural Consultant).

50.  Acoustics Design - Auditorium BPPT, Jakarta, 1992 (Interior Designer Widagdo).

51.  Acoustic Design & Measurement Test - Renovation of Main Assembly Hall Graha Tama, MPR / DPR Building, 1992 (PT. Gubah Laras - Architectural Consultant).

52.  Acoustics & Noise Control Design - Hotel Melia Purosani, Yogyakarta, 1991-1992 (PT. Surya Raya Idaman - Developer).

53.  Acoustics, Daylighting, & Ventilation Design, Universitas Tarumanegara II, Jakarta, 1991 (PT. Arkonin - Architectural Consultant).

54.  Acoustics Design - Television Studio, TVRI Samarinda & TVRI Ambon, 1991 (PT. Trigarsi - Architectural Consultant).

55.  Acoustics Design - Auditorium Ditjen Bangda, Jakarta, 1991 (PT. Arkonin - Architectural Consultant).

56.  Acoustics Design - Balairung APDN Jatinangor, Bandung, 1991 (PT. Arkonin - Architectural Consultant).

57.  Acoustics Design SCTV Television Studio, Surabaya, 1990 - 1991 (PT. Team - ME Consultant).

58.  Acoustics, Lighting, & Thermal Control Design, Studio SBJJ - SKM, Pusdiklat Perumtel, Gegerkalong, Bandung, 1990 (LAPI-ITB).

59.  Acoustic Design - Renovation of Anugerah Church & Acoustcs Design of Pratista Church, Bandung, 1989 (Ir.Aryany, IAI - Architect).

60.  Sound System Design - ITB Multipurpose Hall, Bandung 1989 (Building Physics & Acoustics Laboratory, TF-ITB).

61.  Acoustics Design - Catholic Church ST. Yacobus, Sunter, Jakarta 1988 (PT. Han Awal - Architectural Cosultant).

62.  Acoustics Design of  Bengkulu Mosque, 1987 (PT. Arkonin).

63.  Acoustics Design Balairung Universitas Indonesia, Depok, 1985.

64.  Acoustics Design Community Center Arun (PT. Atelier 6), 1985.

65.  Acoustics Design Istana Boneka & Balada Kera Hall, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, 1984.

66.  Supervision of Acoustics Renovation, Main Assembly Hall, Gedung MPR / DPR, 1982.

67.  Acoustics Design Gedung Kemanunggalan Rakyat - ABRI Ujung Pandang, 1982.

68.  Acoustics Design Multipurpose Hall Petrokimia Gresik, Gresik 1981 (Department of Engineering Physics).

69.  Acoustics Design Meeting Hall - DPA, 1979.

70.  Acoustics Design Theater TIM, 1978 (PT. Arkonin).

71.  Acoustics Design Jakarta Theater, Jakarta 1968.

72.  Acoustics, Lighting, Thermal Control - Design & Construction Supervision - MPR / DPR Buildings Complex, Jakarta. 1964-1966 & 1968-1973 (Design & Supervision Team of MPR / DPR Buildings Project).

Professional Organization

Member                   : PII - Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, Badan Kerja Sama Teknik

Fisika, IPM : Insinyur Profesional Madya.

Member                   : IAFBI - Ikatan Ahli Fisika Bangunan Indonesia.

Member                   : HTII - Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia.

Member                   : IATO - Ikatan Ahli Teknik Otomotif.

Former Member         : Acoustical Society of America.

Formar Member         : Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

Former Member         : American Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning


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