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CUDA Riding

CUDA is a parallel programming toolkit that utilizes GPU (Graphics Programming Unit). Searching a high performance computing platform for material computational research, I stumbled upon CUDA accelerated Molecular Modelling application, and have been longing to have a taste.


JBatik won INAICTA 2008

It’s 08-08-08 (August 08, 2008). A very lucky number according to Chinese, and I can’t agree more. Yeah, JBatik received INAICTA (Indonesian Information & Communication Award) 2008 !!!


DForge Won the Telkom Ristek Award

In August 2007, Eko M. Budi, Eko Nurdiyanto, and Akmal Hamdani submitted their little program called DForge to the Ristek Telkom Award competition. They won the second prize, and some live changing moments.


Faster by a Dozen

While most of the people are happy enough with their brand new dual core Pentium notebooks, researchers of computational material are starving for more cores. Why ? Simply because such a fast computers by ordinary standard run their molecular dynamics simulation for at least 3 months (and that if the electricity does not cut off !). So how could they trick the situation ?


jBatik Goes Beta

jBatik is the software for creating batik Fractal. After 3 months of development, It is ready for beta testing.

Screen shot of jBatik version 0.3


Fractal Batik

Fractal is a mathematical way to generate amazing pictures from simple rules, beating more than averages human artists. When fractal is used as motif in Batik (Indonesian traditional garment) the result is just astounding (and expensive too of course).

Batik Fractal Buketan Design
Batik Fractal, Buketan Design